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Dingman Gold Project, Ontario, Canada

The Dingman property is located on the boundary between Madoc and Marmora Townships in Hastings County, southeastern Ontario, approximately 175 km northeast of Toronto, and 55 km north of Belleville, Ontario

The Dingman property is located within the southern portion of the Central Metasedimentary Belt in the Grenville Province , a complex northeast-southwest trending, orogenic belt that is approximately 1.1 billion years old.

The sedimentary rocks on the property have been intruded by a small elongate granite stock that is informally known as the Dingman granite. The Dingman granite is exposed as an oval-shaped outcrop hill having a surface expression of approximately 800 m by 150 m with a long axis that trends east-northeast at an azimuth of 060°.

Gold mineralization on the Dingman property occurs as a hydrothermal quartz-carbonate vein gold system occurs within the Dingman granite and can be grouped into seven major sericite-quartz-sulphide zones which have been combined as a single contiguous zone for mineral resource estimation. The individual zones consist of moderate to strong sericite alteration with increased foliation development or shearing, variable but generally increased amounts of quartz veining, with elevated sulphide contents typically greater than 2% to 3%.