Featured Company: Stratabound Minerals Corp.


Considering the accommodative nature of central banks globally, there is no real reason to expect the 11-year bull run to come to an end. At some point, though, there needs to be some recognition that the markets are ignoring everything (China/U.S. trade war, Brexit, impeachment or coronavirus). With consumer sentiment hovering near a 10-year high, the euphoric momentum is starting to wake up contrarian investors and making a case for safe haven assets like gold.

The fact that gold has been on the rise since December 2015 lends to the contention that investors are looking to continually increase their exposure to gold in the event that the markets are making a mistake with lofty valuations and reliance of ultra-low interest rates for growth.

Against the backdrop of gold likely going higher, Stratabound Minerals Corp. (TSX-Venture:SB) has assembled an incredible team of successful industry veterans and an attractive portfolio of assets in the Yukon and New Brunswick, with a key focus on two new promising gold projects in emerging districts.

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